Kitchen island cart refurbishing for $8,000

Modern kitchen island carts, which are now commonplace in many restaurants and shopping centers, can cost upwards of $8K and are usually made of wood or plastic.

But a project on the kitchen island of the Chinese town of Zhejiang province could save you from having to buy them again, and it involves replacing old cabinets with new ones.

The project has been dubbed the “Kitchen Island Cart Refacing Project” and the idea is to re-use old cabinets for the refurbishment, said the official Weibo account of the local government.

The original cabinets were made of solid wood that had cracked due to use over the years, so it was time to replace them, said Zhang Zhenyu, who led the project.

He said he also took into consideration the fact that many people have already retired from their kitchens, so the cabinets could be refurbished with new parts.

A group of about 100 people spent three months to complete the project, including installing a new counter, a new fridge, a kitchen countertop, an antique fridge, two coffee machines, a vintage coffee maker, and a coffee table.

The whole project cost about $8.5K.

The cabinet renovation will cost the same for a refurbished cabinet as it will for a new one, Zhang said.

In recent years, the number of restaurants and grocery stores in China has dropped dramatically.

The country has the highest number of restaurant closures per capita, and restaurants are also facing growing pressure from the government to improve quality standards.

In the past few years, restaurants in the cities of Wuhan, Hubei, and Shenzhen have been forced to shut down due to poor food safety standards.

The restaurant overhaul is part of a wider government effort to make the country more efficient, and to attract more people to the country.

Zhang said that the government is also making efforts to improve food safety by reducing the number and types of food products produced, and making more use of food waste in its waste disposal system.

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