‘What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen?’: What’s the best thing you could have done?

This is the worst, most embarrassing thing you ever saw, according to a series of videos posted on YouTube.

The videos show the owners of three kitchens in South Australia trying to open sinks in their homes.

The owners of two of the kitchens, who are male and male, were unable to do so because they were stuck in a hole that is not an ordinary sink.

“I went into my kitchen sink and there was a hole in it,” one of the owners, Andrew, told ABC News.

“It wasn’t even big enough to get a cup of tea out of.”

So I went in there and took a shower and tried to clean it up, and it was stuck in there for like an hour.

“Then I went back in there, and there’s a hole still in there.

It’s got a hole, it’s just stuck there.”

He says he then went to his neighbour’s and asked him to put it in his sink.

“I thought he’d be embarrassed and then I said, ‘No, he didn’t get it’,” Mr Andrews said.

“He said, “Oh, well it’s mine.””

And I said that to him.

And then I went and tried and I put it back in, and I was just like, ‘Oh my god’.

“Mr Andrews said his neighbour was then able to fix the hole and remove the sink.

He told the ABC the sink was now in working order, but that it was still a “horrible” experience for his family.

He said he would never do it again, adding: “I’d rather not do it.”

The video was shared on social media and it has attracted over 3.5 million views.

Mr Andrews told the Adelaide Advertiser that he and his wife were left to clean up after themselves and “just couldn’t wait to get out”.”

When I went out I could hear my kids laughing and then my wife and I just couldn’t stop laughing,” he said.

But some of the other owners of the homes did not have the luxury of cleaning up themselves.”

[We] were going to try and make this happen but then you’ve got to put your family first,” he told the newspaper.

But some of the other owners of the homes did not have the luxury of cleaning up themselves.

One man who was able to open a sink, despite being stuck in the hole, was horrified to discover the sink did not hold a cup or anything else.

“There’s no cup in there,” he explained.

“You’ve got it stuck in this hole.”

We’re just so disgusted with ourselves.

“The sink is not in the right place and the sink is in the wrong place.”

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