The world’s worst kitchen sinks: Japans worst kitchen sink, the Japos worst kitchen, the world’s least kitchen sink

This article first appeared on Recode.

Read morePopeyes is not the only fast-food restaurant chain to have a kitchen sink that is so bad that people have to be asked to pay $300 to fix it.

The American fast-casual chain has been under fire in recent months after it posted a misleading ad on its website and its website went viral. 

The ad showed a customer trying to fix a sink that was broken into multiple pieces, and the customer said that they paid $300. 

In response, the company said it would refund customers who paid. 

But when customers complained about the ad, they began demanding refunds from the restaurant, according to a lawsuit filed against the company in federal court in Los Angeles.

Popeyes responded with a Facebook post that read, “We apologize to our customers for the misinformation posted on our website.

We are taking this very seriously and will refund all customers who pay the correct amount for their sink.”

The company also posted a video showing the customer who asked the company to refund and posted that it is a mistake.

The video showed the customer then walking out the door, with a note saying, “It’s OK, we will refund you,” the lawsuit said.

The restaurant is now paying the $300 in back fees to the customer and is paying for repairs, according the lawsuit. 

Popeyes also told ABC News that the customer was the first person to contact the company.

The lawsuit is asking the court to require the company pay $2.4 million in back-related fees, $200,000 in punitive damages, and $150,000 for each of the six employees who worked at the restaurant at the time of the incident. 

On Monday, a judge granted a preliminary injunction in the case. (ABC News)

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