‘My son’s birthday is this month’: Parents celebrate their 2-year-old son’s birth

“It was very emotional, it was a very big day, but I’m happy that my son is here,” the mother of the baby told ABC News.

“It’s a blessing, I’m really grateful.”

The baby was born to his grandmother and mother-in-law, and the parents had planned to celebrate the baby’s birth on Sunday morning.

“He was very excited, he was a little bit tired, but he got up and he cried a lot,” the woman said.

“He said, ‘Mom, I can’t wait for my birthday!’

He cried so much.

It was so emotional.”

The couple said their son has been doing well in the hospital, and his birthday will be on December 25.

They are happy that their son is well, but said they do not have any plans to move out of the home.

The mother of two said she had been planning to celebrate her daughter’s birth with her friends on December 12, but they did not want to go ahead.

“They said they were going to have dinner with the baby, but we didn’t want to celebrate his birthday, we didn.

They said it’s too late, we’ve got to go,” she said.