Lowes sells off ‘new and innovative’ kitchen islands

Lowes, the retail chain that owns the stores Target and Home Depot, announced on Monday that it has sold off two new kitchen islands to help reduce the number of customers in its stores.

The stores are called the Lowes Kitchen Islands and the Lowess Kitchen Islands.

The islands are similar to the one Lowes used to sell in stores. 

 Lowes said the two kitchens will be available in both stores.

A Lowes spokesperson said it is a “significant step forward for our stores.” 

“This is a significant step forward in our commitment to the environment,” the spokesperson said.

“This is the first time we have been able to do this and we look forward to working with customers to offer this service to them.” 

The company said the Lowees Kitchen Islands will be used for customer service calls.

The Lowes spokesman said customers can still use the Lowe Kitchen Islands, but they will have to get a “call back.” 

 “The Lowes Family is committed to providing a safe, caring environment for our customers and associates, and we will continue to ensure this by taking steps to reduce the burden on our communities, and to ensure that our customers can have an enjoyable, safe and positive experience at our stores,” the Lowells spokesperson said in a statement. 

“We are committed to improving our environment, and our customers, through a range of practices and actions. 

The Lowell Kitchen Islands offer an environmentally responsible and environmentally responsible way for Lowes to provide its associates with a comfortable environment to perform their duties and provide a positive and enjoyable experience for our associates,” the company said. 

Lowell is the third retailer to announce it will reduce the amount of food and water served in its restaurants.

On Sunday, Walmart announced it was eliminating water from its restaurants and stores and it will stop serving water to its employees. 

Last year, the chain said it would spend $1.8 billion on food-and-water programs in 2016, and it said it had reduced its use of bottled water by 50 percent since 2010.

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