How to store your house on the go

The latest edition of The Hockey News features some of the most important tips to help you prepare your home for winter.

By Tom McArdleIn the spirit of this week’s installment of The Powerhouse Guide, here’s a look at how to store everything in your home to keep it in the best condition possible.1.

Wash your hands.2.

Dry thoroughly.3.

Make sure your microwave is always on.4.

Turn on the oven.5.

Make certain your refrigerator is clean.6.

Remove any dust or debris.7.

Clean the countertop and refrigerator.8.

Check your food storage area and add new items as needed.9.

Use a dishwasher.10.

Make use of the bathtub and shower, if needed.11.

Store any unused or expired liquids in the fridge.12.

Do your research on food allergies and store them safely.13.

Check for signs of mold and other bacteria in the home.14.

Do you have a dish or sink for storage?

Use it to keep your household tidy.15.

Do a good job of washing your clothes and accessories.16.

Clean your kitchen countertop periodically to maintain a fresh look.17.

Make a habit of washing and drying your dishes daily.18.

Keep the counter top clean and tidy.19.

Check the refrigerator and air-conditioner regularly.20.

Check to make sure your home is dry and that it is not too warm.21.

Keep your refrigerator in good repair and in good working order.22.

Do the laundry.23.

Cleaning your clothes regularly is important, but it’s also a great time to get in the mood to decorate your home.24.

Check that your appliances are functioning properly.25.

Do not put things in the dishwasher until they are fully operational.26.

Wash the dishes daily to keep them clean.27.

Do NOT put things into the dishwashing machine before they are ready.28.

Do use your dishwasher only once a week.29.

Make room for food in the refrigerator.30.

Clean up the food storage areas regularly.31.

Check how many items are stored in your pantry.32.

Check out your home’s energy bills.33.

Check food storage space regularly to make a list of things you can use.34.

Check in with your insurance company regularly to see how much money you have to pay for claims.35.

Check on your water bills.36.

Make the necessary changes to your refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher in the fall.37.

Make good use of your air conditioning system, if you need it.38.

Make it a habit to put your refrigerator into hibernation mode during the winter.39.

Make your food cooler during the cold months.40.

Check with your insurer about a policy cancellation.41.

Keep an eye on the health of your home during the season.42.

Make yourself and your pets comfortable in the cold.43.

Make time to shower frequently.44.

Keep a journal of the day you’re most happy.45.

Make plans for the holidays in advance.46.

Take the time to check on the temperature of your house during the colder months.47.

Keep in touch with friends and family in the winter months.48.

Take a break from cooking.49.

Get out of the house early in the day.50.

Take care of your family’s needs during the month of January.51.

Make an effort to eat healthier.52.

Keep to the schedule you have established for the rest of the season and in the colder days of the year.53.

Make healthy meals for yourself and the family.54.

Check air quality in your area.55.

Plan ahead for your trips to and from work.56.

Consider getting help with your children’s homework.57.

Get in the habit of cooking.58.

Make arrangements to cook for your guests.59.

Make reservations for the Christmas party.60.

Do some shopping around for a holiday gift.61.

Make preparations for your wedding.62.

Make new purchases and plan ahead for delivery.63.

Plan for the birth of a child.64.

Buy a new car, bike, or other vehicle.65.

Get a new dog or cat.66.

Get the most out of your time and energy in the spring.67.

Consider taking a holiday break in the summer.68.

Plan to go on a long road trip.69.

Plan vacations for the future.70.

Make personal hygiene a priority.71.

Keep track of the number of people who have passed away and how many of those people have died.72.

Make regular appointments to make appointments for funeral services.73.

Make emergency plans for a funeral.74.

Prepare a memorial service for a loved one who has died.75.

Do something for the elderly and their loved ones.76.

Learn more about your state’s laws concerning euthanasia and euthanasia certificates.77.

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