A ‘wonderful’ French Country Kitchen

A French Country kitchen has been named the UK’s most expensive restaurant by TripAdvisor.

The restaurant, located in the city of Grenoble, is set to open this year, and features a modern kitchen with wood floors, a fireplace, a dining room and a bar.

TripAdvisor’s top five most expensive restaurants list includes the Royal Palace in London, the Grand Hyatt in Paris and the Palace of Versailles in Versailly.

The Royal Palace was the UK most expensive hotel last year, with an average of £4,849 per night.

It was followed by the Palace Hotel in London (£4,600), The Grand Hyad in Paris (£3,812), The Le Bourget in Paris £3,799, The Grand Hotel in Brussels (£3.917), and The Grand Central Hotel in the United States (£3 and £2.1 million).

Tripadvisor said it wanted to highlight the differences between countries’ food, dining, and entertainment offerings.

“With so many great options to choose from, and so much to discover, France is an exciting country for visitors,” said TripAdviser managing director John Kostro, in a statement.

“So many restaurants are opening across France and there is a good chance you’ll be able to visit a few.”

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