A new kitchen from New Zealand could be a contender for the UK’s 2020 Olympic bid

New Zealand’s new kitchen, which looks like a kitchen table but has a mouse, has been given the green light by the UK government.

The new kitchen is the latest piece of the nation’s growing collection of ‘digital kitchen’ products, which are becoming increasingly popular with residents in developing nations.

New Zealand’s National Museum of Design says the kitchen is designed to be a “portable, flexible, self-contained, and affordable home-cooked meal kit” that will be available to households in 2020.

The National Museum says the kit will cost NZ$1,000 and include all the ingredients required for cooking.

“This is a very unique kitchen, a digital kitchen, that we have designed specifically to provide the food and household essentials that New Zealanders need to thrive,” curator of the kitchen at the National Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, Helen Williams, told the New Zealand Herald.

The kitchen comes in two parts: a kitchen cabinet, which houses the cookware and ingredients for a single meal, and a kitchen storage cabinet, where the ingredients can be kept in an empty container for up to six months.

“It’s a really cool way of bringing together all the different elements of cooking in a very compact package,” Ms Williams said.

The New Zealand Museum says there are currently only about two dozen of the kits made, but it hopes to produce more, and the kit’s creators are aiming for 2020.

Ms Williams says the kits are a good fit for people in New Zealand living in countries where food safety is a big concern.

“I think it’s a real challenge for any country to have a kitchen kit that can be safely shared,” she said.

“We want to make it easy for people to share their kitchen, because it’s really important that people can get to know the different ingredients in their own kitchens, and to share the recipes.”

The kits will be sold by a new company called Kitchen Lab and will be produced in the UK.

“The kitchen kit is a great way to showcase New Zealand and to showcase this kit to the rest of the world,” Kitchen Lab CEO Nick Anderson told the Herald.

“For the UK to be looking at New Zealand as a potential host of the 2020 Olympic Games, it’s great news.”

New Zealanders will be able to choose from a variety of different flavours, including the Kiwi-infused curry and the Jamaican chilli sauce, which will be served in a coconut milk and pineapple sauce.

The kit will be launched by the Ministry of Agriculture in Auckland, and is expected to be available for purchase by the end of April.


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