Trump’s Kitchen Cabinet Is a Waste of Time

A week after his inauguration, President Donald Trump has been spending more time than ever with his family, often sitting in front of his television and talking about his agenda and accomplishments.

But a new report from BuzzFeed News reveals that the White House has been sending out a flood of kitchen cabinet designs from the previous administration that are just not making it into the new one.

A report from Buzzfeed found that in a mere seven months, the White Houses office of the Cabinet secretary had sent out more than 100 pieces of kitchen cabinets, which include furniture, tables, lamps, and more, which has left the new White House office unable to keep up with the demand for the designs.

“The White House kitchen cabinets are so overwhelming, and so overwhelming that it is difficult for the designers to keep track of the inventory,” the report states.

“This is a huge challenge for the new administration, which is trying to build on their success of creating new cabinets and other pieces of furniture during the Obama administration.

There is a lot of work ahead of them to get the Whitehouse kitchen cabinets into use, and it is going to take some time.”

In response to the report, the Trump White House said that it had “a lot of plans” for the cabinets, and would work with contractors to “build new cabinets” and provide “a steady stream of new kitchen cabinet and furniture design” for years to come.

However, according to BuzzFeed, it’s not clear what those plans are yet.

“We’re going to be working with our cabinet design team to build cabinets that are the right size, shape, and finish for the president and his family.

But this is not a time to get into the details of what we will be doing,” a spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

The office of cabinet secretary did not respond to BuzzFeed’s request for comment, but the Trump administration’s Cabinet Secretary, Mark Esper, has already begun taking notes on the cabinet designs.

The White House reportedly received more than 50,000 applications for cabinet designs this year alone, with more than 20,000 completed so far.

But BuzzFeed News has been able to confirm that at least six of the cabinet’s original designs are already on the shelf.

The report, titled “White House Cabinet Cabinet Designing Process: A Report on the Design of White House Kitchen Cabinet,” notes that a few of the designs that were submitted to the are still in the works, but others are not.

In some cases, the design files have been sent to Trump’s team for approval, but not all the designs are on the approved list.

In one case, the office of Cabinet Secretary told BuzzFeed that a design submitted to them was “not on the list of designs that are being worked on.”

BuzzFeed News reached out to the office for comment but did not receive a response.

According to Buzzfeed, some of the cabinets are made from wood or metal, and some are also made out of fiberglass or other lightweight materials, which can add up to a lot to make a cabinet.

Other cabinet designs, such as the one pictured below, which was designed by the Trump Foundation, are made of stainless steel or aluminum, which adds up to significantly more to build a cabinet than most cabinets of the past.

BuzzFeed News also reached out for comment to the Office of Cabinet, but we were not able to reach them for comment.

The most popular design among cabinet members in the first year of the administration is also the most expensive design, according the report.

BuzzFeed reported that the Trump cabinet will cost $17,824 per cabinet, which would put it in the $30,000 range for the cabinet, with the most common cabinet in the White house costing $23,500 per cabinet.

However that figure does not include the cost of shipping and packing the cabinets.