Why we think Bitcoin will never be mainstream

There’s no question that Bitcoin is an extremely popular digital currency and it has had a pretty good run, but there are a lot of reasons why it is not going to become mainstream.

It is not as well-known as some other currencies, and is not widely traded.

There are some technical and political issues that may prevent it from being accepted by large numbers of people.

These are the reasons why the cryptocurrency has been called the “fintech unicorn.”

But the world of cryptocurrencies is also filled with potential problems.

Bitcoin is not a currency, it is a store of value that can be exchanged at any point in time.

Bitcoin, however, has its own unique features and is much more secure.

The first thing you notice about Bitcoin is that it is hard to create or change.

This is because it is based on an open source blockchain.

In other words, Bitcoin is completely decentralized.

However, this decentralization can lead to certain issues, like a large number of people being able to easily steal or manipulate Bitcoin and use it to make money.

But this is where the similarities end.

Bitcoin has been around for almost four years, and it is still young, which means it has not yet had a mass market to develop.

People are still trying to figure out how to use it.

The currency is also extremely volatile, which makes it easy to lose money.

Bitcoin can also be manipulated and stolen.

However these problems are not as severe as with fiat currencies, which are generally more secure and accepted.

The biggest issue with Bitcoin is its volatility.

At the moment, Bitcoin trading is mostly conducted via exchanges.

But it is estimated that as the currency grows, there will be more and more exchanges, which will lead to a rise in price and demand for Bitcoin.

There is also a high chance that the price of Bitcoin will increase.

This could cause problems for merchants, which rely on Bitcoin for their transactions.

And it is also possible that Bitcoin could become used to make illegal transactions.

This in turn could result in a lot more people being involved in Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin has been used to trade illegal drugs and is also used for hacking and other criminal activities.

Its value could decline if there is a lot less demand and more criminal activity in the market.

However there is one thing that is certain, Bitcoin will always be the fastest growing cryptocurrency.

There has been a lot hype surrounding Bitcoin, but we need to take a look at the real issues that it has faced.