‘We don’t even know who the owner is’: Japan’s green kitchen sinks are on sale

Japan’s government is offering residents a chance to upgrade their kitchen cabinets and mats, but some say they’re not going to be worth it.

“We’ve already done the remodeling of our kitchen, and the cabinets are very, very old.

We don’t know who is responsible for them.

If we want to upgrade them, we’ll have to pay for it ourselves,” says a man who did not give his name because he does not want his family or neighbors to know where he lives.

According to the government’s website, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is providing incentives of up to ¥2,500 ($18) to residents who can replace or upgrade their cabinets and kitchen mats, while a subsidy of up from ¥1,600 ($20) is available to people who do not have any land or land-use rights.

However, the government said it is not accepting applications for the subsidies.

The government says the incentives are aimed at “further increasing household efficiency and productivity,” but residents say the money is not going toward their actual needs.

“It’s not about saving money, it’s about giving me a little bit more money to spend on food and other things, and maybe even a little more money for a bigger apartment,” says Miyoko, a resident of a house in the capital, Tokyo.

“I don’t think it will do much, so I don’t really know what the value of it is,” says Shigeru, a man in his 40s who lives in Osaka.

Japan has been struggling with stagnant household incomes and an aging population, and its government has stepped in to offer the incentive.

The subsidies are part of Japan’s effort to modernize the country’s aging population.

A government-funded research project has suggested that households with children aged 20 to 65 will have to make up for the lost income if the country wants to keep its population from falling below its pre-crisis goal of 80 million by the end of this decade.

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