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The world is a much greener place, according to new research.

In an international study, Australians surveyed by the think tank Australian National University (ANU) found the average life expectancy in Australia was a whopping 71 years.

It is the third longest life expectancy among the developed world, after the United States and Germany.

The ANU study, called Life Expectancy for Australians, looked at data from the World Health Organisation’s World Health Surveys.

It also found Australia had one of the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease in the world, with life expectancy at birth of just 70.5 years.

In addition, the ANU report found people in Australia lived longer than people in many other developed countries, including the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Denmark and the United Nations.

And, the researchers found people living in Australia had a much lower incidence of cancer than people living elsewhere.

“People in Australia have lower life expectancies than people outside the country, but life expectancy is also significantly lower than that of people in other countries,” Associate Professor Paul Fergusson said.

“It’s a different story in developed countries where life expectancy, for example, is lower, and you see life expectancy rising faster than other developed nations.”

There is a big gap between what people live and what they expect to live.

“The ANAU study found Australians had a life expectancy of 71.6 years, which is about five years less than the United Nation’s life expectancy.”

Our life expectancy for Australians is very low, compared to other developed economies, and is one of our lowest,” Associate Prof Ferguson said, adding the average Australian life expectancy was just 67.5.”

The average life is much longer in Australia than people are living elsewhere.