Amazon to install its own home automation equipment in UK homes

Amazon is in the midst of an expansion that could bring its home automation system to more than half the UK homes it sells, as the company tries to become a major player in the home automation market.

The company said Tuesday it will add 10 new home automation systems to its U.K. operations by the end of the year and will add another three to its UK operations by early 2019. 

“These are all products that are designed to provide a range of services and are aimed at the home,” Amazon said in a statement. 

Its UK home automation products include a series of knobs for the remote control of appliances and other items.

The Amazon Echo is the company’s first home automation product, and it sells a range in different sizes.

Amazon has expanded into other areas of the home, too.

Last month, the company introduced its Alexa speaker to more homes.

Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant, is the default voice assistant for the Alexa platform.