Which NBA team would you rather watch than the NBA playoffs?

The NBA Playoffs are coming to a close, and the playoff teams are beginning to get to know one another.

Here’s what you need to know about the teams that will be playing in them: Los Angeles Clippers – The Los Angeles Clippers have been dominating in the NBA for the last couple of years, winning titles with Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Lakers.

After winning their first championship with Griffin in 2015, the Clippers have won four more championships with Blake, Chris Paul, and Jamal Crawford.

They’ve been so dominant that they’ve already made the playoffs once, going up against the San Antonio Spurs for the second straight year in 2017.

The Clippers will play the Golden State Warriors in the first round, and they are already a favorite to win it.

They have won two of their last three meetings with the Warriors, with the last one a 112-101 victory on February 16th.

They’ll play the Los Antonio Spurs in the second round, which is always a tough one for them.

The Spurs are one of the favorites to win, but it’s going to be a very close game.

The Los Antonio Clippers will go up against reigning NBA champion San Antonio, which was recently crowned the NBA’s best team.

It’s a tough game, but the Clippers are going to have to show some grit and keep working. 

Denver Nuggets – The Denver Nuggets have won the most games of any team in the West, and their record of 11-4 is the best in the league.

They finished with the best record in the Western Conference last year, and it’s something they will need to do this year.

They are a team that’s been playing well over the last few years, so this is a tough matchup for them in the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos will play a very tough team in Golden State, which beat the Warriors in two straight years.

Golden State has a history of playing tough in the postseason, winning their last two playoff games by an average of 15 points, which has a lot of fans excited for this game. 

Atlanta Hawks – The Atlanta Hawks have been one of those teams that’s always been on the rise, and there’s a lot to be excited about this year, especially in the Eastern Conference.

The Hawks have won a pair of NBA titles since Tim Hardaway and Chris Webber came to town, and with the addition of Dennis Schroder, they have some young talent.

But it will be very tough for them to get past the Atlanta Hawks in the standings. 

Dallas Mavericks – Dallas has had a few big losses in the last two years, but there’s no doubting that the Mavericks are going all-in this year to try to make a deep playoff run.

They had a tough start to the season, but they’ve been playing very well since then.

The Mavericks are one out of the last five teams in the East, and have a chance to get into the playoffs again.

They will play LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, who have a history in the conference, in the semifinals. 

Portland Trail Blazers – The Portland Trail Blazers have been playing at a very high level lately, and will look to keep their streak of making the playoffs going.

After losing to the New Orleans Pelicans in the opening round of the playoffs, they’ll look to make it five straight wins and get back to the conference finals for the first time since 2013.

This is a huge game for Portland, because it will give them a chance at the conference championship. 

Toronto Raptors – The Raptors are one game ahead of the Boston Celtics in the race for the Eastern and Western Conference finals.

They lost their first three games in the series against the Atlanta Braves, but have now won three straight games, and are in control of the series with a chance of getting a second chance at LeBron James.

They face the Miami Heat in the third round, so it will depend on how the second game goes.

The Heat are a top seed right now, and a team they’ve played well against the last three years.

They were knocked out of this year’s playoffs, and so they will have to win this game to make sure they stay in the playoff hunt. 

New Orleans Pelicans – The New Orleans Hornets have been in the hunt for a title since they signed Michael Jordan as an unrestricted free agent in 2003.

The Pelicans have gone from one of NBA’s worst teams to one of its best.

They won their first two games in their last seven, and then won two straight games to get back into the conference playoffs.

They haven’t lost to the Warriors since they were swept by LeBron James in the 2017 NBA Finals. 

Golden State Warriors – The Golden State Bulls have been a very good team over the years, and won the title in 2013.

The Warriors have gone on to win three more championships since then, and that includes a title in 2016.

This game will determine whether or not the Warriors will be able to repeat the success they had in the 2016 Finals, which