What you need to know about the kitchen design trend in 2018

Designers are creating kitchens with a range of new design elements, from traditional, vintage, and contemporary to contemporary, minimal, and minimalist, says designer Rebecca Rizzo. 

Read More “The goal of this blog is to highlight what designers are making and why,” she said.

“I’ve also added links to the most interesting and inspiring blogs and blogs that have been created by designers who are creating amazing and inspiring new kitchen designs.

If you’re looking for something different to your kitchen, I recommend you look into some of the designers I’ve mentioned in the past.”

Read moreWhat are your favorite kitchen trends? 

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Have a look at the most recent entries below.


Vintage kitchen This new wave of home design trends is taking inspiration from old-school styles and features from old homes, including Victorian and Tudor homes, Rizzolias said. 

“The idea behind this style is that the kitchen should look timeless and old-fashioned,” she explained. 

She added that the trend of creating a modern look with a vintage touch is something designers are seeing in homes and kitchens across the globe.

“I think there is a need for people who are looking for a timeless kitchen to feel a little more contemporary in their design,” Rizzos said.

“For example, you could create a kitchen that is a mix of old and modern elements, or modern and old.

This style also helps to create a sense of space.”


Vintage counter tops “You can use old, vintage or modern, but this kitchen is all vintage,” Rizos said of the kitchen designs featured on her website.


Modern counter topsThis new trend of modern kitchen design is also taking inspiration with vintage, Rizosa said.

She said that there are many different kinds of counter tops, from modern to retro, but the most common styles are simple, traditional, and vintage.


Traditional kitchen “There are many traditional kitchen designs, like classic, Victorian, Tudor, and so on, but these are just as important as the modern ones,” Ruzos said, adding that it’s important to use a classic design for simplicity.


Modern kitchen These modern kitchen designs are a mix between traditional and modern, Ruzo said.

They include kitchen appliances, kitchen fixtures, and other kitchen items.


Modern sink “A modern sink is a way to keep your kitchen clean and beautiful, but there is also a lot of appeal in a modern design,” she added.


Traditional counter tops”The modern kitchen is often seen as a more formal look.

But this kitchen design style is also quite traditional,” Riazos said about the new trend.


Modern table top This classic kitchen design can be used for almost any occasion.

But it’s especially important for people looking for an elegant kitchen design, Riazosa said, because it helps to bring out the traditional elements in a contemporary design.


Modern cupboard “This is a modern kitchen that you can see on most of the home and office countertops.

There is also the possibility of using this style on your living room, kitchen cabinets, and even your bedroom,” RIZOs said.

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